Supporting the global music community in an unprecedented crisis

At times of great challenge, music helps to uplift us. But right now, thousands of creative professionals in the music industry need our help.

While streaming still gives artists a way to connect with their fans, so many other sources of revenue have been put on hold by this crisis. To play our part, we’re working with a growing list of organizations offering financial relief to creators around the world to find ways to support our community.

The Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project has been created to amplify the efforts of organizations that focus on helping those most in need, beginning with those listed below. Spotify has made a donation to these organizations and matched donations made via this page dollar for dollar up to a collective total of $10 million. While the project has reached its matching commitment, continued contributions can be made by following the links below.



Spotify has reached it’s matching goal and will no longer match donations made through the Music Relief project, however donations may still be made to the listed non profit organizations on this website (the “Organizations”). All donations you make will be governed by the terms of the Organizations' websites. Spotify will not provide any documentation in relation to the donations you make - these will be provided directly by the Organizations if applicable. By clicking on the logo of the Organization you want to support, you will be redirected to a third party website to make your donation. Any activity made on the third party website shall be governed by such third party’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.